Quarter Finals set for Tuesday, July 30

UpdatedSunday July 28, 2019 byMichael Rutherford.

The Regular Sesaon playoffs have begun!  Friday, the league had their prlims and all highter seeds won. 

Quarter Finals games are set.  Tuesday, June 30th.

#8 Scales at #1 Scarborough Benchwarmers, 530, Scarborough HS

#7 Falmouth at #2 Easy Day, 530, Wainright field 1

#6 Desmond n Rand at #3 Ri Ra's, Wainright field 2

#5 Salvage at #4 Gribbs, 530, Deering Oaks

***Salvage and Gribbs game will be for the Portland City Championship!  Gribbs is the defending champion!

Semi Finals will be on Thursday, August 1